Entry Door

A front door is one of the architectural elements that can give a glimpse of the interior of a building. The style, construction, material and color of your entry door give the first impression about your home, so let Chicagoland Builders help you choose wisely. Your entry door material options are wood, steel or fiberglass.

Wood Doors
Wood doors are valued for their stunning natural beauty, energy efficiency, and enduring style. Wood is also a 100% renewable resource, so it is kind to the environment. An entry door made of wood adds a natural warmth and rich appearance that complements any architectural style. Popular types of wood doors include mahogany, walnut, oak, hemlock, pine, alder cherry and juniper. Moreover, wood doors now are available with fire ratings of up to 90 minutes!

Steel Doors
Steel doors are recognized for their superior security benefits as well as their insulation properties. Entry steel doors are practical, low-maintenance, durable, and carry fire ratings of up to 90 minutes. Most steel doors are custom-fitted with a polystyrene core for stable insulation, making them ENERGY STAR® qualified. Steel doors can be painted to coordinate with any color scheme and can come in a wide variety of panel designs, have glass options, and have either steel or wood edges.

Fiberglass Doors
Fiberglass doors combine the warm, rich look of wood with the low-maintenance benefits and outstanding performance of a synthetic material. Valued for their durability, fiberglass doors can resist splitting, cracking and warping. Dent-resistant, corrosion free and rust proof, fiberglass doors are a great choice for anyone desiring a front door that delivers outstanding performance yet requires little maintenance.

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